About Us

Based in Bangor, North Wales, Brython Archaeology is a new venture providing archaeological consultancy and contract services throughout Wales, the North West and Midlands.

Our aim is to provide bilingual archaeological services of the highest standards at competitive rates.

We provide a full range of services to meet your requirements and are happy to discuss your project free of charge.


Iwan Parry

Iwan Parry has worked as a professional archaeologist throughout Wales for over 10 years.

As a first language Welsh speaker and native of Gwynedd he has a passion for Welsh history and archaeology.

After completing a degree in history and archaeology at Bangor University Iwan started his career in professional archaeology with the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, and over the next 10 years worked with the Trust on numerous high profile projects throughout North Wales.

Over the years Iwan has publicised Welsh archaeology in the media, producing press releases and giving interviews on TV and Radio. Iwan is a firm believer in maximising value for money by promoting his clients' projects and responsible development practices through archaeological results.

Iwan established Brython Archaeology in 2015 to provide archaeological services throughout Wales and beyond. He prides himself on building good client relations and providing a friendly, bilingual service. 

Contact Iwan directly - iwan@brythonarchaeology.co.uk